introducing: Red Moon Art Collective

RED MOON – The Meaning behind the name:

RED – Referring to the female reproductive system and the power a woman holds within it.

MOON – Women’s cycles are connected to the moon.


A couple of months ago I was sat at home in the garden. It was hot outside and I was fresh out of the shower. The breeze was warm but cool on my damp hair. I had an impulse to create when red moon appeared in my mind.

I’ve been wanting to create something that ’empowers females artists’ in some way for a while now but I couldn’t really find something I found original or inspiring that took my fancy.  I was scrolling through all the amazing female illustrators and artists I l o v e  to follow on my instagram, when it occurred to me that they were in no way getting enough recognition for all the beautiful work they were creating. That’s when I thought of RED MOON – a space to feature talented female creatives. Inspired by the feminist activist artists ‘Guerrilla Girls‘, my aim of Red Moon is to empower female creatives in a field which is very often dominated by men.

Red Moon and the support it has been given so far has been amazing and I really hope for it to grow and expand in many beautiful ways. If you know any talented female artists or are one yourself you can:

DM me on Instagram: @redmoonartcollective

Email me at:


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