introducing: Red Moon Art Collective

RED MOON – The Meaning behind the name:

RED – Referring to the female reproductive system and the power a woman holds within it.

MOON – Women’s cycles are connected to the moon.


A couple of months ago I was sat at home in the garden. It was hot outside and I was fresh out of the shower. The breeze was warm but cool on my damp hair. I had an impulse to create when red moon appeared in my mind.

I’ve been wanting to create something that ’empowers females artists’ in some way for a while now but I couldn’t really find something I found original or inspiring that took my fancy.  I was scrolling through all the amazing female illustrators and artists I l o v e  to follow on my instagram, when it occurred to me that they were in no way getting enough recognition for all the beautiful work they were creating. That’s when I thought of RED MOON – a space to feature talented female creatives. Inspired by the feminist activist artists ‘Guerrilla Girls‘, my aim of Red Moon is to empower female creatives in a field which is very often dominated by men.

Red Moon and the support it has been given so far has been amazing and I really hope for it to grow and expand in many beautiful ways. If you know any talented female artists or are one yourself you can:

DM me on Instagram: @redmoonartcollective

Email me at:


photo series: Portuguese blue

Intricately devised tiles of soulful patterns line the dusty streets of Âncora. The hum of the Atlantic plays waves on the stereo. Surfers intently watch the ocean, secretly hoping the flocks of sun loving children will empty the sea. Like swarming bees, people flood the restaurants with their laughter and smiles as the sun starts to set over the Portuguese blue.